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Grid Line Magic

church picture

We’ve been to this church in Santa Fe so many times but never has it been so beautiful with the snow. We were only able to stay the day due to many hours of driving and it was already late afternoon and the snowstorm was getting worse where we were headed. Being it was Christmas time the whole church was decorated with lights and we were told “just wait until dark, it’s so beautiful” so we were really bummed we couldn’t do that.

Creating lines using a grid is what I want to share with you today. I’ve seen so many pages or papers that are so cool with stripes of all kinds on them. How about making your own line patterned page or paper. This technique using Artisan’s grid cutter makes this super easy. Don’t worry if you don’t use Artisan I’m sure you can do this same technique in other software but maybe not as easy. If you try this technique in something other than Artisan please let me know how it works for you.

Insert a rectangle on your page, doesn’t really matter how tall but make it about 3 1/2″ wide. Now choose the grid cutter and cut a full line across the top, make it zero spacing between grid pieces. Select cut. You’ll end up with your rectangle cut in many different strips and all of them are selected. Remove every other one and you’ll end up with a piece like this. Regroup the strips.

rectangle lines beginning

Adjust the length to be a full 12″ long while they are grouped together, you can play with the thickness of each line as they are grouped so PLAY and see what you like. I wanted mine to be fairly skinny.

skinny lines

I copied and pasted the first group several times and moved them around on my blank pages. Now comes a fun part – you create your own stripes on your page. Since you have all these lines you can make a full page of stripes going any angle you want or only use some of the lines and create your own magic. I would recommend keeping sections grouped so spacing will be exact each time until you’ve decided on a design. I have 8 stripe sections.

grid line paper

I put a heavy shadow on each individual stripe and to get a realistic layered look of the stripes, ungroup all sections then you can move one strip to the front, next back, next front, next back, continue with each one and they’ll all look woven. Group them again to be sure they are all spaced like you want and they won’t get skewed when you’re working on your page. Once they are grouped you can fill with colour or paper of your choice and “PLAY” around with different looks to really see what you like. When my “mojo” is going I love to play and that’s what we all need to do – kids get a recess to play and just because we’re adults we still NEED recess!!

Another fun tip is to ungroup all the lines and changed the opacity on one of each two stripe sections both vertical and horizontal. This will give it even more depth for layers. Regroup them all again so they won’t move in alignment. Time to finish up the page.


I wanted to really focus on the church itself with snow-topped trees and a little bit of the courtyard showing the benches in the snow.

church picture

I changed the shape to an oval and moved it around to just where I wanted. To mat this photo I used an 8pt stroke instead of a mat layer, way easier. Filled the stroke with paper and Voila!

For my other embellishments, I chose some that I liked but not the exact colour. I changed the colour hue and opacity and they matched beautifully. Final cluster!

flower cluster

winter magic page

I’m really pleased with how this turned out and it really is a FUN PLAYTIME if you want to try it yourself. Go for it, you can do it!

Credits:  Kit was Winter Magic by Aprilisa and Pixelily from Gingerscraps and used a paint embellishment from the kit All The Princesses collab at Pixel Scrapper.

Happy crafting til’ next time,

winter no background

Digital Scrapbook, On the Ranch

Go Fetch

go fetch

There are many times I have little time for my loved hobby of scrapbooking, so finding ways to either save time or kick-start my mojo is critical. There are times I’m creative and my mojo is in full force to create pages from scratch and spend a lot of time choosing the kits to use. Other times I want to create pages because it’s relaxing for me but my mojo isn’t there, that’s when I go through my templates or sketches I’ve saved. In the past I’ve said I’m an “idea junkie” and I’m not ashamed to say that since I realize this addiction helps me when I want to scrap and just can’t get it going. 🙂

This week’s page is from a template because the holidays truly did zap my mojo. But don’t worry, it’s coming back and the next few weeks I’ll be showing you some cool techniques to use on your page WITHOUT templates.

Our son came to visit for a week a while back to get away from the stress of his job and he wanted to WORK physically while he was here. That’s music to my ranchman’s ears – he gets help from someone stronger than me! I like it too – then I don’t have to do the work, haha.

After they got back from cutting down some trees – which you can see in the background – he played fetch with the dogs and now he’s a friend for life. Grady the black dog is a bully with toys and Pudge is pretty much fully blind with cataracts but she still gets right in there to give Grady the business. 🙂

dogs in heaven


I wanted to really capture the feel of working and then playing so I chose denim for my background. I chose Dream4ever Dogs and Puppies kit and in it, I found the “go fetch” ball plus a cool fence.

full fence

I wanted more fence than just this piece so I cut the fence in two then copied and pasted the piece I wanted twice to make an additional length of fence that didn’t look exactly the same as the original fence. Grouped those two pieces together to make one element

fence pieces together

The art kit I used was perfect for this page with all the cool dog elements and finished this page off.


go fetch page

Now give yourself permission to check out ideas on blogs, Pinterest, templates you have if you want to scrap but don’t have your own mojo going.

Credits: Pixels2Pages Family template, Just Can’t Get Enough Denim from Forever and Dogs and Puppies from Dream4Ever Design

Happy crafting til’ next time,

winter no background

Digital Scrapbook, On the Ranch

New Year New Siggy

The holidays are over and I hope you enjoyed yours as much as I did. It’s bittersweet for me as family leaves and the traditions we enjoy are over for another year.

I love to make new signatures or siggy’s as some call them, for my emails or blog posts. Have you ever thought how you’d like to have one that’s a bit more creative than just your name typed in? They really are easy to make. What’s fun about them is you can pick a theme then choose ONE kit to use for your siggy. Since you don’t need a lot of space for your siggy you don’t have to use a ton of embellishments if you don’t want to. We got 25″ of snow in about 4 days last week so winter snow seemed appropriate for this siggy. Siggy’s are personal so find a kit that speaks to you!

Most of my siggy’s are made with just elements and not a paper outline but I wanted to show you how they look with the paper background. Either way is a personal choice.

winter with background

I like how I can make my text fancy by using the alpha sets in Artisan to create whole words at a time. The ranch was created then ungrouped so I could alter each letter a bit differently and not just be straight. I then gave each letter a heavy shadow, regrouped and flattened so I could resize the word. Creations was made using the same alpha set, ungrouped, heavy shadow then grouped again. This word I kept straight. Flattened and resized under ranch.

Here is the same siggy with no background.


winter no background

Credits for this siggy – Alpha set: Cambrianna scrapbook kit from Forever. Kit used:  Winter Magic by Aprilisa and Pixelily from Ginger Scraps.

This next siggy is about the new year. I’m not one for resolutions I’m usually about a word for the year that reminds me of how I want to live my life. This year when I saw this word art I knew that was my word for this year – Life should not only be lived, it should be CELEBRATED. We all know life doesn’t always go the way we want but even when we go through struggles we realize we are better in some way when its over.

new year

Credits for this one: Kit used Celebrate Good Times from Scrap Twist Designer blog hop. I used another alpha set, Divine from Forever. Since this alpha set creates letters in different colors which goes perfectly with the paper I needed to put a paper from the same kit behind words, lowered the opacity and gave them a soft edge.

I hope you’ll be able to celebrate ALL in your life this year otherwise we are just counting the days.

Happy crafting til’ next time,

winter no background

Digital Scrapbook, On the Ranch

Surprise Birthday Destination

Take a Hike

My ranchman planned a whole weekend birthday surprise for me to Ruidoso, NM. Neither one of us had ever been there before so it was a real treat for both of us. If you want a cozy town with the beauty of nature then I suggest Ruidoso!

I know I’ve shared with you before how much I love Pixels2Pages! For my followers that are new, it’s a must join for anyone using Forever Artisan software. They are amazing with all the tips, artwork and templates that are all free for members. This page started out with a template from P2P called HoHoHo.

HoHo Template

With so many pics from this part of the trip I wanted to put as many as I could on this page without making them so small, you couldn’t really see them. I changed up a couple of the photo holders like the top middle and filled it with paper so I could put my title there. Then I removed the bottom middle photo holder and used the one above it for my journaling. I needed a cluster and can you believe it – NO FLOWERS!  Amazing RIGHT!!! 🙂


Here is my completed page.

Destination Page

Credits: Outdoor Adventures by Sheila Reid at Pixel Scrapper.

We have family here for Christmas and I won’t be posting until the new year, so I want to thank you all for your wonderful comments throughout this last year. I do love sharing how you can preserve your memories and not just store the pics on your phones.

For now, I’m wishing everyone a blessed MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you can relax and enjoy the festive days ahead but with a camera too!

Happy crafting til’ next time,



Digital Scrapbook, On the Ranch

Surprise Birthday

I had a big birthday this summer and my “ranchman” gave me the best gift ever – a surprise weekend completely planned by HIM! I’m usually the one who plans and gives surprise parties or trips so this was amazingly fun for me to receive. I want to share the page I did recently about the drive to my surprise.

This page started out as a template: Heartstrings Scrap Art Wanderlust #3

Wanderlust Template Beginning

I turned one of the photo holders on the bottom into a journal box. Took off most of the flowers and such and put in my own.

Moved around some of the word art on this template. Made the word travel larger with a 3D edge.

Travel 3D Edge

Templates are my go to start for so many pages to get my creative mojo going. If I already have a design in mind then I start with a blank page but as you know that can be intimidating so my suggestion to you is before you start any type of project go check out ideas and see what catches your eye. I promise you you’ll get creative real soon!

Here’s my final page.

Surprise Trip

Credits: Birthday Sophisticate by Jen Yurko at Pickleberrypop.

Happy crafting til’ next time,

Ranch fall 2


On the Ranch

Family Holiday

I know it’s been a couple weeks since I posted and wanted to share with you why. I’ve been with my sister now for two weeks and will be here for another and have been so enjoying my time away from the ranch. I wouldn’t move back to the city but we all need time away from our daily life. My ranchman was here for the first week over Thanksgiving but since we both can’t be gone for three weeks he’s the trouper to go home. He knows I need my time away to spend with my best friend, aka sister. 🙂

City time for me is always exciting because I can shop in so many places that I just don’t have near me, try on clothes and see all the cool boots and eat at many restaurants where I can sit and have them serve me! I totally love our ranch life but it’s a special treat when I don’t have to cook our meals. Anyone else out there who feels this same way? Come on, I can’t be the only one, can I?

My sister and I are only a year apart and while we were growing up we shared a bedroom and did many things together. As we got older we married and moved far away from each other. We were in different countries for a while, then many states away. I look back on those times and feel we missed out on so many things in each of our lives. So the times I’m able to be with her are so very precious to me.

This is the season of thankfulness and giving and I’m thankful for her and for her giving me the time to visit and be close again! It’s the best gift she can give me!!

Happy crafting til’ next time,

Ranch fall 2


Digital Scrapbook, On the Ranch

Baby Girl

Today is showcasing the very first dog we got when we moved to the ranch. My “baby girl” as I’ve called our dog Pudge since she was just a little pup. My sisters gave Pudge the piggy that’s in this picture right after we got her. Pudge was always laying on it and as she got bigger carrying it around then finally chewing on it. I think as a little pup it helped her with the separation from her momma and littermates.

1st stuffed animal

From the time she got her first stuffed animal, she’s been intrigued with them especially if they made noise. Now that she’s older if she gets one with a noisemaker in it she plays with it for a few days then it’s off to ripping it apart to get to the noisemaker.

2nd stuffed

This stuffed animal was shredded in about 15 minutes.

last stuffed animal

It’s always a big mess but really how can I say no to those eyes! Especially when she’s my “baby girl”. 🙂

Here’s my finished page.

full page

Credits: Used Pixels2Pages blueprint RockStar along with Dream4ever Designs Dogs and Puppies free kit that was part of a blog train about puppy mill awareness.

Only a few more days until Thanksgiving and I’m praying you have an abundance of blessings to be thankful for!

Happy crafting til’ next time,

Ranch fall 2