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Peach Pie Anyone?

If you don’t know it, today is National Peach Pie Day! I’m all over it!! We’ve been blessed with an abundant peach harvest this year and we still have two more trees that aren’t ripe yet – YIPPEE!!


This was a fun page with a technique I’ve not used before. I made a frame with an INSIDE shadow out of paper. I’ve seen this and haven’t tried it until now.

The frame on the left has no shadow with the one on the right has the inside shadow. It doesn’t look like it shows up much. 😦

I used a heart shape edge cutter on paper since we LOVE pie I thought it was a good shape to use. 🙂

heart edge shape cutter

The shape cutter in Artisan is so versatile, you can vary the size of heart and space between each heart. I wanted the hearts to be touching just like a true border so I chose no space between each shape. Then I selected to cut and save the NON shadowed piece.

heart border

I want you to note I didn’t use a single flower on this page because I thought my cluster of baking items, peaches, and the apron gave this page the look I wanted. LOL


Completed page!

Peach Pie Page

Celebrate National Peach Pie Day and get yourself some pie!!

Credits: Le Chef Mega bundle at Forever

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Mix It Up

I missed last weeks post because my “best sis” came for a visit. We live in different states and usually only see each other 1-2 times a year so my time with her is so special to me and to be honest – everything else falls to the wayside. 🙂

I usually show you how to make a page using one kit but today I want to show you how you can use items from several different kits to create a page. Time to think outside the box. 🙂

Naps this time of year are almost a daily activity for Pudge and my “ranchman” after spending the morning outside in the heat. This is the photo I want to use for my page. Isn’t she a cutie!


Choose your photo or photos you want to use then look for kits that have the same or complementary color schemes. At this point don’t worry about the theme of the kits because many have generic items within them you can use for any theme. Then look for elements that go with your page idea. My photo of pudge shows wood palettes and a bale of straw so you might think I want ranch or farm kits. But look at the names of the kits I’m using – Dreams of Daffodils, Boho Soul and a mix of appreciation items.

Here are the items I’m using from each one of these kits. They are grouped together as I have placed them on my page.

Dreams of Daffodils – Dreams of Daffodils group

Customer Appreciation random gifts –

Random item kit

Boho Soul –

Boho Soul group

As you can see from these titles they don’t have the same theme at all or have ranch or farm themes, but they work with my photo. All of these kits have many more items in them that don’t go with my photo but if you take just a few minutes to review your kits you’ll be surprised at what you can create with them. I challenge you to try some “out of the box” ways to use the kits you have.

Here’s my page:

full page

This page used  Dreams of Daffodils kit by Forever, Boho Soul kit by Laura Burger Forever and Forever fall 2012 customer appreciations. Font used: Amable

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Happy crafting til’ next time,

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Book of Quotes

There are times when I come across a quote that resonates with me at the time. Today’s post is showing one of those quotes, no pictures. I have a small book that I create every couple of years with just these types of pages in them.

It’s a book that lifts my spirits when I’m down, gives me the courage to keep taking another step forward or remembering how God has blessed me over and over again.


Since this is all about the quote, the page design is to help the eyes focus on the middle of the page. I created the same width of rectangles then made them different lengths. Once I made this group I then copied and pasted the strips all around the page to form a frame of sorts. Once the strips were in the place where I wanted them I searched for the perfect paper to fill them. I chose a fun summer colored kit because this quote is about hope.

paper strips

I did add some clusters on two corners of the quote to again point your eyes to the middle of the page. Under the second cluster, I rubber stamped one of the flowers, lightened the opacity quite a bit to give it just a bit more depth.

rubber stamped


Instead of just using a background paper to have the quote on, I chose a mask from this kit, centered on the page for the quote to rest on.


Here’s the completed page. I like it!

full page

Credits: Kit used Forever Sunshine Always page kit Designs by Mandy King. Font – momshand

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Digital Scrapbook

Pop-Out Photo

I want to share a page I did during my weekend of cropping. I don’t do this technique often but it really does make your page “pop” when you do.

Many times our photo subjects are great but they get lost in mundane backgrounds that take away from your subject. The focus of this page is our little bitty Christmas tree my ranchman dug up for us in 2012.

original photo

As you see in the original photo there’s a bigger tree behind our little one so you couldn’t even see it. My suggestion is to go through your photos and choose the one you want to highlight, then select the art kit you want to use and start designing your page. No worries if the photo you chose still has a noisy background on it for this stage of the page. On mine, I wanted to frame my photo in a different way than just mats or strokes so I came up with the strips of paper surrounding it. I also didn’t want it to busy so I filled in one group of strips with a solid textured paper and the other group with a small print.

frame strips

This page is simpler than the other woven backgrounds I’ve done as I did no weaving. Now onto the “pop-out” technique. I selected my photo, chose Cut from the menu bar, selected Custom Cutter with a Curved Path. I roughly chose the area I wanted to remove from the photo being sure I chose to KEEP SHADED AREA and copy. Selecting the copied section I zoomed in close like 250% and I could see a few areas needed a bit more removed. I then selected the Touchup option on the menu bar, Erase and made my eraser size fairly small and removed all the extra areas I didn’t want. Save and the photo will pop out when you put it on top of elements.

copied section

copied section erased

Adjusted photo. You will actually use the original photo along with the small adjusted one. Add your original one in your framed area then add the small adjusted one on the top of the paper strips and align it to match up with your original one so it looks like one.

adjusted photo

Decorate your page how you want and have fun with this technique. Here’s my completed page.

complete page

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Digital Scrapbook

One on Four

I’m a bit late this week – It’s been a whirlwind of a week with an upcoming recycle arts and crafts fair I’m helping put on with our local extension office in a couple weeks, cutting & freezing as many cherries as I could along with apricots! I was blessed, this weekend I was able to scrap with my friend Laurie who’s also a digital scrapper and we had so much fun. It’s always more fun for me to scrap with others than always alone. You can share the stories of the photos and come up with some creative ways to design your page, it makes the fellowship even sweeter.

I’m sharing a page of our last crop together using a super simple grid cutter and creating my own journal tag. All this is easy so keep reading. Using the grid cutter in Artisan is amazingly easy to create so many different layouts starting with basic squares. Start out by adding a rectangle shape to your page about 8×8 is fine because you can change the size later. 🙂 No stroke and the color doesn’t matter either. Select your square, choose Cut, Grid. Then select the 4 square option as shown.


Once it’s cut with all four still selected move the group to the upper left area of your page about an inch from the upper and left edge of your page.

grid cut

Unselect them all and choose the upper right square and drag the left side over to about an inch from the edge of your page. Stretch the bottom two square to fill your page like the example below.

changed grid

Next I added my photo to the page. You can make this any size you want to cover the four corners where the grid comes together.

pic on squares

Now comes the fun part – choosing your art kit and what papers you can fill the rectangles with. 🙂

I created a fun journaling tag. This is the tag that’s in the kit but I also wanted my text to layer over the top but I didn’t want to have it go over the elements on the tag. I wanted my journaling to look like it was written between all the different elements on the tag.

Here’s how I did that – I created a tag shape the same size as the original one and filled it with a paper to match. There were several elements in the kit such as a doily! That’s what was used on the original tag so I cut the doily with just the portion I wanted to show on my tag. Then added the single butterfly to the tag. But I thought the page still needed a bit more by the photo frame. Again an element in the kit was a string of flowers. Perfect. Once all the elements were on and around my tag I could add my wrapped text around the elements.

As I’ve said many times before shadow EVERYTHING even if it’s a light shadow. It will really make your page better.

Here’s my final page.

complete page

Credits: Forever kit Natures Sketchbook Artful Spring Page Kit by Cottage Arts

Natures Sketchbook Art

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Digital Scrapbook

Fun Title Fonts

This week I want to share some fun new fonts that are FREE at dafont. Titles are an area where you can really step out of your comfort zone and PLAY! Yes, I said PLAY! We can’t always be on tasks.

Digital scrapping is so easy if you don’t like it just hit the “undo” button and grab another font to try. All these fonts are the same size and none are bold even though a couple look like they are. I how they look and create a different feel!

Third Time Lucky

Pasto Sharp Reg


New Garden


These are new fonts as of June 26th that I downloaded today and can’t wait to use them all. 🙂 If you want to change up the style of your pages, try new fonts!

Happy scrapping til’ next time,

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Spotting Wildlife

deer 3

The start of summer has been so nice with some rain, and all the new growth around has been attracting nearby wildlife. Now that we don’t have a fulltime outdoor dog we are getting many more visits and I truly love it! I made this page from one of those visits of deer I could see from my front windows.

two deer

deer 1

deer 2

This page was made with an outdoor kit using mostly paper for the great colors. If you are or have been a traditional scrapper making borders is a great way to decorate your pages. I decided to make the background of this page mimic that technique.

Here’s how I made my background so colorful. I added a full page square shape and cut using the grid cutter  (in Artisan) to make 8 strips and filled each one with a different paper from the kit.

grid cut shape

I then cut two of those strips using the shape edge cutter for the scallop pieces. My suggestion on choosing the papers or kit is choosing one with a lot of patterns and different colors. If they are too much the same you won’t get a good contrast.

multi strips

I made one photo the focal point of this page and made it oval with the other photos square lined up like a filmstrip.


photo filmstrip

I made a couple of clusters to go with it using elements from this kit.

wildlife cluster2

wildlife cluster1

Here’s my final page!

Deer Close Page

Go check out your stash of paper kits to see which ones have some amazing contrasting prints and colors and try making a cute background.

Credits: Outdoor Adventures kit by Sheila Reid

Happy scrapping til’ next time,

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