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Not Valentine

This month wherever you look whether it be online or in any store, you’re bombarded with hearts and valentines. Now don’t get me wrong I am in love with my ranchman and love my family and friends but when it comes to digital designing I just don’t do that much. So today’s post is how to use those kits that are designed for “love” pages differently. Check this out.

Here’s a kit by Blue Heart Scraps, I Think I Love You. This bundle also comes with some “love” themed flairs.

I Think I Love You kitI Think I Love You Flairs

Even if you don’t want to create a valentine page you can still use many of these elements and papers to create this.


Lucky loves Grady

How about this kit by Blue Heart Scraps, True Love Collection bundle.

True Love kitTrue Love Flairs

This kit has some really nice colors instead of the normal reds and pinks.

I created this for some photos I took this last summer.

Birds nest

Now go through your digital or paper kits you have and look at them a little differently. See what’s hidden behind all the heart “stuff”. 🙂 FOCUS on the hidden gems included and create your own NOT VALENTINE page.

Happy crafting ’til next time, ♥ 

Life is what you make it


Challenges, Digital Scrapbook

Themed Fun Fonts

I’ve professed before I’m a “fontaholic” and yes I’m proud of it. :0  I went on my favorite free font site and these were new this month. I love to find fonts that make me think of pictures and digital kits I could use them with. You can use themed fonts for your story, title or adding to a cluster of elements your using.

Here are four that I found and immediately made some clusters to share. This first one is made with- HoneyBerry. It’s such a fun font and thought of orchard picking right away.


Next, I have Jungle Roar font and look how cute it is on the sign for the zoo! The kit had a blank signpost so it was perfect – add a small text box and you have yourself a cute zoo sign.

Jungle Roar

My third one is called Popstick – now doesn’t that remind you of popsicle sticks? I made a summer cluster and used the font for the words inside.


Last but certainly not least I have Sweet Duck Stars. When I saw this font I thought of playing in the rain. I added the words Smile In The Rain to this cluster I made.

Sweet Ducks

I really advise you to go through your own fonts with a different eye – as you find a fun one – think of pictures or kits you have to work with. Will it be a cute, fun font to add to your page? Now, if you’re like me and NEVER 🙂 have enough fonts go check out all that has to offer. Have fun using some themed style fonts and share with me – I’m always looking for cool ways to use fonts.

Kit credits: HoneyBerry cluster made with Apple Harvest by BoomersGirl Designs, Jungle Roar cluster made with Jungle Baby kit by Veronica H (Retired), Popstick cluster made with Classic Summer Additions by Forever, Sweet Ducks Star cluster made with Dance in the Rain by BoomersGirl Designs.

Happy crafting ’til next time,

Life is what you make it

Challenges, Digital Scrapbook

Fun Heart Month

I first have to greet you with “Go Chiefs”!! 🙂

February is all about hearts and love whether you have a significant other or not we all love something. I’m not one to do Valentine’s or those things but I do love being creative with a few hearts per se. I’ve made a few new signatures for my email and blog showcasing hearts. If you don’t scrapbook, you have an email, so I challenge you to design one that is heartfelt for YOU! Here are four I’ve designed using a couple different kits.

This one shows my love for desserts aka cupcakes. 🙂

Pink and green

The next two are basically the same but they have different ways of showing “ranch”.

Bee's hearts


The above siggies were cute but this last one is my very favorite!

Life is what you make it

Have fun this month creating a personal signature to add to your email account and PLEASE share it with me, I’d love to see it!

Credits: Blue Heart Scraps I Think I Love You kit, Bee Mine kit by Day Dreams Designs, Forever Freebie “I love my life”, Sweet Talk Love Blog, Font Branball

Happy crafting ’til next time,

Life is what you make it


Challenges, Digital Scrapbook

Get Your Style On

With a lot of us on Facebook, our page covers tend to be forgotten so I thought I’d show you some fun and easy ways to make them “You”! Did you know there are templates for some cool FB covers?

No, you say! I’m here to share some really fun ones to help you “get your style on”! But no worries if you don’t want to use templates, I have a couple below that I created using different art kits.

scrapping style

Credit: Get Your Angle by Bits-N-Pieces (this template set also comes with 4 – 12×12 page templates) available at her Etsy store or at Go DigitalScrapbooking

These next two are NOT using a template but it’s still fun & super easy to put together. Find a kit you like and just add a paper or two for your base. Add a photo frame, several elements, and some word art and you have your very own “personal” Facebook cover.


Credit: Grateful collab by Blue Heart Scraps and Luv Ewe Designs


Credit: Wonderfall by Connie Prince

The next three are made using templates –


Credit: The Square Root by Bits-N-Pieces (this template set also comes with 4 – 12×12 page templates) available at Go DigitalScrapbooking


Credit: Amor Mio by Bits-N-Pieces (this template set also comes with 4 – 12×12 page templates) available at Go DigitalScrapbooking – 30% off through Monday


Credit: All Zipped Up by Bits-N-Pieces (this template set also comes with 4 – 12×12 page templates) available at Go DigitalScrapbooking

Facebook Personal Timeline Cover Image Size (851×315 px / 11.8×4.4 in (Save as 72 dpi, or to have a crisper image save as 150 dpi)

Facebook Group Cover Image Size (1640×856 px / 22.8×11.9 in (Save as 72 dpi)

No matter what timeline you have I challenge you to change yours up to “GET YOUR STYLE ON”.

Happy crafting ’til next time,

GS July 18 sig

Digital Scrapbook, On the Ranch

A Little Blurry

I spent an amazing week in Mexico with my “ranchman” celebrating 25 years of marriage PLUS celebrating our son getting married! The time away was wonderful with no ranch work to do or even thought about. Just time walking the beach or reading on our balcony overlooking the ocean and having someone else cook and clean up.



But to be totally honest the last day we both looked at each other and said, we miss our ranch. We know we aren’t into the city life with people everywhere, music going almost constant or being catered to for meals and cleanup. Now don’t get me wrong – I LOVED that I didn’t need to cook and clean each day but after a while it got boring. WHAT??? you might be saying. My ranchman and I like to be doing things with a purpose and a few days of not doing that was waning on us. We are purposeful people and maybe that’s wrong but with my word of the year being focus I felt like my days were getting a little blurry while we were there.

These last couple days now back home, my focus is still a little blurry because I’m trying to “do” the things that need to be done but I’m also wanting to clear that focus and put it on what’s really important and not just busywork. So going forward I’m removing the “autopilot” of my brain and focusing on the purpose of each thing I’m doing. The ideas that are coming to mind right now are bringing a smile to my face so I can’t wait to get started on them, one at a time though so I don’t get blurry!

I pray your day won’t be blurry for you and you enjoy each moment of it!

Happy crafting ’til next time,

GS Dec 19 Siggie

Digital Scrapbook, On the Ranch

View From the Ranch

view photo

The beauty I’m surrounded with is always awe-inspiring to me but at times like in this picture its breathtaking to me. I usually like to have several photos on one page but with photos like this one, it deserves it’s very own page. I did something different for this one though, I made several frames overlap but filled them all with one photo.

grouped frames

With Artisan this is super easy to do. Add your frames however you want them to be. Group them together. Once they are grouped you will now go to the Insert tab and choose Outliner. This will then create a shape exactly the size and shape of your grouped frames. Now fill this outlined shape with your ONE photo.

single photo

Once you do that you’ll add your photo frames OVER your photo so it actually looks like you have three separate photos.

finished photo

I know the photo is the idea for this page but in this kit, I found some super cute animals I just HAD to use. 🙂 Look at this little fox….


He was a perfect touch to my journal box on this page.

Journal cluster

With this owl being so cute too I made a cluster of other elements and inserted him. I love his eyes!




My finished page:

View Page

Go try this with one of your photos, I know you’ll love how it turns out!

Credits: Sweater Weather kit by Sheila Reid at Pixel Scrapper. Artisan software from Forever. If you’d like to learn more about how to use Artisan, I’m here to help you.

Happy crafting ’til next time, ♥ 

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Digital Scrapbook, On the Ranch


life is controlled by what you focus on

2020 is here and I’m amazed at how the past year went by so fast. I don’t do resolutions but I do prayerfully seek direction at the first of each year on what my “word” for that year should be. Usually, this word comes from what’s gone on during the prior year and God is helping me find balance and His presence in the New Year.

Over the years words such as trust and patience have been chosen. This year the word will be “focus”. The Lord has been bringing this to my mind over the past month in the way that I need to focus on what’s important. What’s important to me might be different than what’s important to you but in my life, I need to focus on what God wants from me not what the world wants from me.

I’m not saying I’ve been trying to please others this last year but I do admit I’ve not been focusing as well as I should have been. The choices I make also show where my focus is because we know that choices bring consequences. I’ve seen where I’ve made a conscious choice to worry about what was happening in my life and the consequences to that worry were only more worry. When I’ve made the choice to do the best of my abilities and then leave the results up to the Lord the consequences of that have been a relief and peace in my spirit because I’m not in charge of the world only my own actions.

Therefore I’m free to see the world through eyes that now focus on the beauty, grace, and mercies God has put in it WHEREVER I am. The world’s wisdom is often in direct opposition to the grace of God. In 2 Corinthians 1:12, the apostle Paul reminds us to keep our gaze on God, our glance on our circumstances, and our path in His will. That doesn’t mean I’m free of struggles or pain it just means I don’t let those struggles in life rule over me.

2020 is my year of focus and I hope your year will be blessed as you follow me on this blog. I am truly blessed by you all, thank you!

focus on faith

Happy crafting ’til next time,

GS Dec 19 Siggie